See what people are saying about how M4M has touched their lives.

Made4More Ministry is truly a blessing to Catholic women in the GTA and beyond. I am especially privileged to know the women who started it – they are exemplary in their love, not only for Christ, but for the people they minister to. I am reminded by M4M that I am a daughter of God, unique and loved so fiercely by our Creator. Thank you M4M.
— Clarissa Canaria
I was having one of those low moments. I was referred by a friend to this ministry, and I visited the M4M site to help pick myself up and it helped to remind myself that I’m loved by my father in heaven. & He’s crazy about me. Thank You M4M!
— Christina
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Made4More. It’s really helping me realize my value as a daughter of God and helping me be more comfortable with who I am.
— Andrea
Being able to read and experience other people’s stories though writing has opened my eyes to understand that we are not alone in this journey. There has been much healing and love bestowed upon me through this wonderful ministry. Through every testimony, I have been profoundly touched in different ways by God himself. Thank you Made4More for sharing and carrying out this beautiful mission!
— Daiana
When I met Lisa D’Souza at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, her faith in God was so evidently strong I knew she would do great things with her passion and dedication for Made4MoreMinistry. I’m so excited for this movement. To share and read stories of faith with one another is empowering and beautiful. Use your voice to instill hope and become the light for others. We need more of that.
— Elma Jessica