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4 Steps to Become "The One"

Mr. Darcy, Prince Charming, you name it - I have fangirled about them all. I loved movies that spoke about a beautiful love story. I used to spend much of my teen years thinking about the illusive "One" and how he and I would meet and how he would make me feel. I deeply desired this man of my dreams but I realized in my twenties that if I desire this man to be a well-rounded and virtuous man, I need to also step up to the plate and strive to be better. When finding the person you want to be with forever, it's not enough just to envision what the man or woman of your dreams will be like. The greater vision is the vision of who you want to be.

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Friendship in Christ

 As we seek to be followers of Christ within today's ever changing secular world it becomes apparent that our faith is truly strengthened by fellowship. The joy of a friendship that is oriented toward God is that it affirms the primacy of Christ in the life of the faithful. A friend in Christ offers encouragement and is present during times of elation and also in the difficult moments that one may face.

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My Path to NFP

Authentic love is possible, and it flows from the Father.  Discovering the joy of Natural Family Planning has truly transformed my life.  The Holy Spirit has opened my heart to His gifts.  He is stretching me to accept His great love for me, showing me that I am made for so much more than I had believed.  God can indeed write straight with crooked lines. 

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Modesty as Martyrdom

The word martyr means witness. As Christian women, we are called to be martyrs – to be witnesses – of the truth of our inherent dignity. Through the simple act of dressing modestly, we are reminding both women and men that we do not earn our value by looking attractive..

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Am I Loving or Using You?

Love should integrate our feelings with responsibility, because when physical intimacy is given or received, we must also accept a greater sense of accountability. Our emotions, along with commitment, should build a relationship and include even deeper intimacy. Feelings alone cannot be the compass to how we love each other because feelings tend to cloud the way we think about others. Feelings can manipulate us to think that we need more pleasure, more excitement now.

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The V Word

“Are you a virgin?”

That question sent shivers up my spine as a friend asked me at a party when I was 15. I remember feeling awkward and shy as I mumbled a quick “yes” to my friend. My friend scoffed and was clearly disappointed by my “boring” answer so I automatically associated virginity with being boring. All my life, people defined a virgin as someone who hasn’t had sex and that people who “lost” their virginity were more full alive and more desirable.

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