You are Seen, Known, and Loved

You are seen.
You are seen by a loving father who sees your efforts.
Who sees the kindness, compassion and love you share with others.
Who sees your struggles, who sees the trials that you face.

You are known.
You are known by one who already knew your name even before you were born.
Who knows the desires of your heart, your dreams, your hopes, your worries, your fears.
Who knows what makes you smile, what fills you with joy, what makes you sad, what keeps you up at night.Who knows the questions and doubts you may have.

You are loved.
You are loved by someone who sees you worthy to die for.
Who took in nails into his hands and feet for you.
Who shed blood, sweat and tears for you.
Who gave his life for you, so that you may have eternal life.
Someone who sees beyond your weaknesses and imperfections and still loves you.
You are loved by one who is love, and who's love is unconditional.
Sit in these truths my friend, that you are truly seen, known and loved by a God who sees you, knows you and loves you as you are.