Be Attentive to Little Blessings

I never experienced the, “Wow, look at this cool bug!” phase as a kid. When kids in my class would hold beetles and worms for fun letting them scurry and crawl around in their palms I would nod hesitantly that, “yes, I suppose they are cool,” but, “No thank you, I do not want to hold it”. I tried to keep my distance from insects as much as possible in elementary school, though, I really didn’t have a choice in grade three when the hissing cockroaches we were studying in science got loose and all I could do was pray that there wasn’t one chilling in my desk. Most of the time I did a pretty good job of running away from bugs that made their way into my line of sight.

For some peculiar reason this summer, I developed a particular fascination with little bugs crawling on the earth. My family seemed slightly confused when I exclaimed during one dinner, “Wow, look at the way this fly’s blue and green back looks holographic in the sun!”This new appreciation for little critters has given me a lot to discover in places that are familiar to me. I’ve noticed tiny baby frogs hopping along the sidewalk, marveled at crickets on park benches, and have seen varying types of butterflies throughout these months away from school. I’ve never had an aversion to being outside, in fact even in my fear-of-most-bugs stage I didn’t let the worry of an ant crawling on my arm prevent me from sitting on the grass, but noticing little things that scurry and crawl and fly has instilled a different sense of wonder with nature that I never knew was in me.

            Maybe Jesus has been trying to teach me to be attentive to little blessings, to grow in deeper love with His creation, or to be more observant to all of the tiny and easily overlooked things in my own life. Whatever the reason, I know that stopping to admire a beautiful shade of coral on a plant or a cute ladybug sunbathing on a fence has caused me to slow down and be grateful for the intricate beauty of nature. As I enter into a new school year, when the trees begin to lose their leaves and the little bugs crawl away into somewhere warm, I want to strive to be more attune to the details I often look past that need my attention, and to acknowledge the many little blessings scattered throughout each day.

Butterflies humbly carry their beauty from bush to bush, delicately traveling on their own dutiful path. I could only hope to carry my faith in a flight pattern similar to that of a butterfly, a way in which each gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit guides me along my own walk with Christ, so that I may relay His beauty to others with humility and grace. Whether this fall brings an abundance of familiar things or unknown territories, may we never hesitate to express gratitude for the little blessings sprinkled over each day, and turn to the beauty of God’s creation to rest in simple joys.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows,” St. Francis of Assisi