A Familiar Love

            My sister and I could watch the movie Monte Carlo everyday if we had the time. There’s something about the sisterly dynamic in the hilarity of the situations, the stunning scenes of France, and the jazzy soundtrack that makes me feel nostalgic every time I watch it. My favorite scene is when the main character Grace is watching fireworks with a guy she never thought she’d get along with, in a place she never thought she’d travel to, under the name of a person she does not know. Grace tells her love interest that she once had a snow globe of the Eiffel Tower which played the classic La Vie En Rose when you wound it up. In this picturesque moment that feels like a dream for Grace, with so many new and unexpected elements, she hums the familiar song that played throughout her childhood.

 Entering university, I had no idea who I would be friends with, what activities I would participate in, or how I would find the environment I was living. Through every new situation, introduction, and encounter with the unfamiliar, through the grace of God and reminders from a blessed community, my faith was my La Vie En Rose –that familiar song playing in my head and heart. No matter how frightening, beautiful, or frighteningly beautiful the unexpected was, the Lord was constant within all of the newness. Whether it was receiving Him in mass at the end of a difficult week, clutching a rosary in my pocket before entering a daunting situation, or witnessing His love from a sweet friend by my side, He was and is truly there through it all.

            A year ago at this time I thought my anxiety would pull me deeper and deeper into depths of the unknown, sets of darkened waters where I could no longer see my surroundings or where I was headed. The light beam in those waters was the promise of entering a community of people who loved the Lord and wanted to share His love with others. I had no idea at the time just how brightly that light would shine in my life and warm my soul. The closer I got to a new school year, the more I knew the Lord was leading me to where He needed me.

Our plans are often seemingly set in stone and then reconfigured in ways we never thought they would be. Grace saves up all of her money to travel to Paris, but ends up in Monte Carlo. Her childhood dream of wanting to travel was re-woven in a way that challenged her into growth and bonding with her sister. Through all that you encounter, all whom you meet, all of the unknowns, hold fast to the Lord who loves you and will never leave your side. He is that familiar love, whispering His desire for you to follow Him in all that you do.

Dear Lord, help me to walk in the way of Your light, knowing that You are with me through and in all things. Amen.