Gratefulness Beckons

The frost has settled on the field outside our apartment, the air has grown refreshing and cold, my husband is playing worship music on his guitar and the scent of a candle is being carried through the room.  

I’m resting in this moment sister. My heart is full of consolations. It’s been a while since I felt this way. 

I don’t know when the consolations flooded my heart, but I think it was when I’ve decided to simply start being grateful for the beautiful, seemingly ordinary things. The moments where your heart sings because of a conversation with a friend, evening sunsets, a phone call with mom, time spent with Jesus in Adoration, date night with hubby at the movies, a cup of hot coffee, colourful scarves, warm mitts and night spent inside with a book. 

Being thankful has lifted my spirit, brought hope to a dreary heart and strength to drooping hands. I don’t think there is any other way. I’ve tried all the other ways, friend. Checking off my dreams and desires during prayer to Jesus day in and day out, praying for things I wish I had but don’t, stewing on hope deferred. 

Joy was amiss. 

I asked myself what I was missing, what I needed to do. Gratitude. Noticing the moment at hand.  A warm day on a park bench, to have a job to go to everyday, 5pm dinners spent with my husband, and rejoicing for the life growing inside me. “Ah, thank you Jesus! What beauty!” My eyes are opened ever more when I began to praise Him in gratitude. 

Sister, beauty and excitement are near. If you pause, look around you and start to notice the beauty and gifts around you. There will be beauty waiting to fill your heart, to be a soothing balm on a sore heart. 

The reality is, things are never going to be exactly how you want them to be. You won’t ever have every single thing you could possible dream of. Even if a time comes when you do, you will realize you will still need to be grateful. When we are grateful, we notice that God has given us what we need for the season we’re in. Whether we’re in a season of waiting, a season of pain or abundance. You have what you need right now to be holy, to have joy and a reason to smile. 

Joy and hope is close to you, sister. It is outside your window waiting to be noticed in the singing birds, pink sunsets, laughing baby, and friends and family who make you laugh and bless you with grace. When you are thankful, good multiplies. Our Father in Heaven loves the grateful heart. 

Yes sister, things may have happened. Hard, hurtful things. You may even see and feel shards of glass shattered on the floor of your heart. Yes, things may be hard and sloppy right now in this moment but know that there is beauty coming your way. Even in the sloppy, you still have plenty of good things inside and around you. Look around and see the beauty around you. Let us be thankful and rejoice for all he has given us, maybe, just maybe, our hearts will flow with consolation.