Trust and Be Brave  

My running shoes have way too many miles on them. I’ve had them for almost three years now, but something besides my student budget holds me back from purchasing a new pair. It may be the fact that they represent grade 12 cross country, the only season I completed in high school injury-free. It could be because I wore them as a summer camp counsellor, running after the joyful three and four year olds for two months under the soothing sun. Maybe I keep them around because I ran them down the streets of Toronto my first year of university when I was exploring the city. Most of all, I may have trouble realizing that there could be a better pair out there.

What I do know, is that eventually my toe will pop through the mesh, or the laces will fray into spaghetti strings, or I’ll get a stress fracture and the physical therapist will ask, “So, why haven’t you replaced your shoes?” The reason why I hold onto things, the reason why I have trouble believing that there will be something better, is a lack of trust. I may go through a day saying, “Jesus, I trust in You,” or even go through a whole year listening to podcasts and reading scripture verses about trust. I may find a pair of Brooks on clearance, but then hesitate until I secure them safely back in the box and walk out the door on crumbling soles. I may seek guidance in the art of trusting and it may surely help, but it is not until I truly decide within my heart to fully trust in Our Father’s plans for me, that I feel the freedom to relinquish my grip.

“Start being brave about everything” –St. Catherine of Siena

Complete trust requires bravery, the kind of courage that comes from not knowing what is to come, but believing the truth of the Lord’s goodness and love for me and my wellbeing. Understanding the strength of His hand in every moment of my life allows me to freely trust a little more each day. One of the beautiful parts of the journey to complete trust is that the Lord is so patient. He is not rolling His eyes at me when I let my anxieties about the future overcome my headspace before turning to Him in prayer. He instead welcomes me and encourages me in the moments when I put Him first. In these moments, I am reminded of how liberating it is to bring Him to the forefront of my heart and mind. Trust in Our Father means that I do not need to think things to death or do it all on my own.

We were made to make brave decisions, knowing that the gifts and graces we have received can bring honour and glory to the Kingdom and provide fulfillment in the depths of our hearts. Trust strengthens me with the armour of believing that there is good to come. Let us be brave, open our hearts, and trust in Him.

Lord, help me to trust in Your love and grow in love with you, so that I may, “Start being brave about everything”.  

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