When Waiting Gets Hard

By Lisa Logan

A few months ago, I visited my friend and her two lovely little girls for dinner and a play date. Little did I know, I would receive a sweet lesson on patience that evening from little Marie. She presented me with a few of her favourite toys and asked me to pick which ones I wanted to play with. As soon as I chose them, she put them away in a bag and asked me to wait three minutes. At each three-minute interval, I would receive my reward. After a full 9 minutes (give or take), I received three of my chosen toys. I smiled, as she taught me an important that evening. The importance of delaying immediate gratification for future blessings.

How well do you wait on God sister? Sometimes it can get challenging. Especially when we have our mind set on a certain dream, desire or vision. I have a dream and I can almost taste the sweetness of it coming to fruition. I’m convinced it will be wonderful, amazing and the best thing for me. My disease will be healed and I won’t have to suffer anymore. I dream I’ll live in a warm place, somewhere by the beach (maybe even some mountains in the distance). Jesus, I prayed, this is what will be best for me and you must come through! But he hasn’t. The illness is still there, despite many prayers and intercessions. I don’t live near a beach somewhere; the city is where God seems to need me. He seems to be silent, like he’s left my boat.

Like me, do you feel God has forgotten about your suffering, gone silent on a dream, a desire that you know will bring you the fullness of joy?

Sitting in God’s waiting room can seem endless. Sometimes, it seems like everything hinges on this one desire, dream or prayer request we have. We feel as though life will only begin when he grants the deepest desire of our heart. We feel like He’s holding us back from greatness, from life, from joy and happiness. We feel as though we’ll only be happy if we just have this one thing. Sister, I think this is exactly the problem. When I place my joy and happiness on hold and demand God grant that one thing I desire, I miss His hand of blessing now. 

  • We miss the endurance he is trying to teach and character he desires to build.
  • We miss the opportunities for service around us.
  • We miss the people who need a smile, a prayer and a conversation.
  • We miss the peace of trusting in him and learning of his provision.

Sisters, he has not left your boat. I know how hard it is to wait for an answer you want but are not receiving. I know the ache of feeling like he has forgotten all about you or like you are abandoned. Whether you are waiting for a godly man and hurting because you watch all your friends get engaged or get married, whether healing is delayed and you have a mental or physical illness, whether you’re waiting for that University or College acceptance while all your friends have heard back. I know how it feels sister, and it hurts. But He is walking with you. Teaching you. He knows what you need for right now. He sees you and he loves you. 

He promised that no eye has seen no ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love him. But He has also promised that the storm will not overwhelm you and the fire will not burn you. Believe that where he has you is where he wants you to be and he has a plan for your pain, a plan for your deliverance and a plan to place you on the heights. In the meantime, notice the opportunities he is placing before you to love others, to explore the world, to grow in Christ-like maturity. We won’t get this moment back. Will you trust him?

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