If God Really Loved Me, Where Is He Now?

By Lisa Logan

That was the thought that ran through my mind when I went through the toughest heart ache of my life. Sometimes it appears God is nowhere to be found. Weeks, months, maybe even years go by and our painful circumstances don’t change.  Psalm 46 did not feel true, nor did Psalm 23. Yes, I had gone through break ups in the past. Sure, I had dealt with the loss of a broken friendship. But this time, it felt as though God was truly nowhere to be found, I felt deserted.

Years have passed since that difficult experience and looking back I realize God did not desert me. He was there all along. He may not have physically appeared but he did work in my life through other people. A plethora of emails started to flood my inbox with words of encouragement from family. A woman I didn’t know cooked me meals when I couldn’t lift a spoon for 7 days straight. A good friend made it a point to call me once a week on Monday evening to see how I was doing and let me vent about the same thing for months on end. Another dear friend of mine walked by my side every single day for 6 weeks as I held the door and cried. God was right by my side. He loved on me through all these people and showed me that this verse was true “mercy and goodness shall follow you all the days of your life.”

I didn’t recognize it then but I sure do now. And when a trial happens again, I know his loving care is by my side. Trust that God will supply you with every need to get through this trial. I believe he already is.