A Date to Remember: 20 Date Ideas

Intimacy is an art and a great way to practice chastity in a relationship is through carefully planned dates. When you put thought into your dates, it lets the other know that they are seen, loved and treasured. It also communicates to the other that you want to grow in love for their personality, and not just their body. Here are 20 date ideas:

1.       Go to a concert or check out a jazz club: are you both music lovers? Share in this passion and sing along to the good tunes!

2.       Summer picnics: Now is the time! Dust off that picnic basket and pack some sandwiches and you’re good to go.

3.       Ice cream dates: Dessert is the best – am I right? Hit up different ice cream spots and scoop out your favourite flavours so they can become regular spots for you both.

4.       Take a class together: Pottery, painting, dancing – whatever floats your boat. Learning something together helps build great intimacy with each other.

5.       Hikes: go channel your inner-Pocahontas and explore different trails together. Choose comfort over chic!

6.       Cook together: they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – baking or cooking together helps you to see what the other’s strengths are and who takes lead in these situations (Who's the head chef and who's is the dish washer?).

7.       Thrift-shopping: Find a one-of-a-kind item and have fun trying on silly outfits! This is a fun and affordable outing that will bring joy and cool finds.

8.       Museum musing: Are you both art enthusiasts and history buffs? Check out a museum and explore together.

9.       Board games: Competition and team work are what come to the forefront when games are involved. Are either of you a good sport/ sore loser? Can you compromise and play a game you don’t particularly like for the sake of the other’s happiness?

10.   Volunteer together: What is a charity you are both passionate about? Give back – you will feel great about yourselves and each other!

11.   Book worm it up: Read the same book together and have a weekly discussion about it. Intelligence is attractive.

12.   Travel down memory lane: show each other your old schools, apartments, or favorite restaurants. Going into your beloved’s past is a great way to study each other and grow in love.

13.   Bike riding: Take a bike and go by the water or through a park.

14.   People-watching: It is so fascinating to sit on a bench with your love, just observing and walking in another’s shoes and imagining what their day must be like or what they are going through.

15.   Watch a show: Broadway, medieval times – it’s up to you! Being part of an audience is so thrilling.

16.   Parks and Recreation: Go to a theme park or going on rides at a fair.

17.   Apples, berries, and cherries: Apple/berry/cherry picking is a fun date and also delicious!

18.   Watch the sunrise together: Sigh. It will be an early morning but it’s worth every minute of lost sleep!

19.   Sunset by the beach: Double Sigh – beautiful, breath-taking and breezy.

20.   Take a road trip: visit a near-by town or a waterfall or just drive through scenic routes.