Miscarriage Made Me a Better Woman

            I have shared how miscarriage has made me both a better wife and mother, now I would like to turn my attention to the ways I have been made a better woman.  Our losses have helped to refine my identity.  The dignity of life has been brought home in a very real way.  Recognizing the precious lives my husband and I co-created with the Lord expands my vision of who I am meant to be.  The changes brought about through miscarriage strike at the core of my being, and compel me to more fully accept God’s love for me.

I know who loves me.  I no longer worry about what other people think of me.  I do not need to try to measure up to what other people think it means to be a woman.  I know where my identity lies, as a daughter of God who loves me with a steadfast love.  I am shedding the burden of self-doubt and becoming more rooted in the love and mercy that flow from our Father.  He grants me the courage to step out in faith in my daily life.  In seeking the Father I know who I am.

I embrace my feminine genius.  I can recognize the talents, skills, interests, and passions that God has granted me.  And I can choose to use those to bring glory to Him.  I do not need to compare myself with others, because I am so thankful that each of us is uniquely created.  I know that God has a specific mission for me in my life.  And rather than run from my truest purposes, I can embrace my own feminine genius and love God and His people in the way He is calling me to.  I have never been more thankful for God’s plan for my life.

I am a better friend.  Struggles in life can test the bonds between loved ones.  I have come to a greater appreciation for the friendships I have been blessed with.  My level of compassion has increased and provided me with opportunities to grow in wisdom in my relationships.  All of my layers have been stripped away, and I am more authentically myself.  Being open to others and learning how to really listen are skills I am acquiring.  Recognizing the value of genuine friendships moves me forward in love for others as we journey together.

I am becoming the saint I was made to be.  I am called to holiness.  It is a daily challenge to live my life worthily.  Through Quinn and Arwen, God’s grace draws me to heaven.  As He calls me by name, the path becomes clearer.  It is the knowledge of who I am that provides the freedom be the woman God intends me to be.  Life truly is a journey of love.

I am able to live my authentic femininity.  I am a daughter of God, created with love for a specific purpose.  Proverbs 31:25 describes a woman of worth:  “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs at the days to come.”  Being a woman of worth may seem an elusive goal, but I am becoming more and more like her.  I draw my strength and dignity from the One who has given me a spirit of courage, and I no longer look to the future with fear and worry.

I am so thankful for Quinn and Arwen, and the love their presence has brought into my life.  Miscarriage was not the end of the world.  Rather, it was the beginning of a new life.   I am becoming the best woman I can be, and while I may not have always realized it, hasn’t that been the goal for my life all along?