The Power of Your Voice

 I’ve always had trouble speaking loudly. My naturally soft-spoken tone has sparked frustration in teachers, friends, and strangers. The sound of my voice on recording used to send embarrassed shivers up my arms, my face scrunching into a wince as I wished I could erase the unrecognizable sound piercing my ears. A voice I thought to have matured with age each year still resounded in a babyish timbre. Feeling ashamed to speak, especially in my elementary and middle school years, silenced the perspectives and opinions that formulated within me.

It wasn’t until the end of high school where I began to realize that the value of my words were not measured by the pitch of my voice. I realized that my heavenly father not only gave me my unique voice, but He treasured it. When others stopped listening to me, when I stopped listening to myself, He never stopped listening. He never stopped hearing the whispered hymns, the fervent prayers, the mental pleadings. He continues to embrace my convictions without fail – no matter how inaudible they may seem. He never gives up on me when it takes me awhile to sit with him in prayer and share my thoughts. He even delights when I make no sound at all and simply sit in His holy silence. He attentively awaits my varying thoughts, my petitions, and my love. He rejoices at the sound of my voice.

            To be ashamed of our own voices can make us feel like we are stuck in one of those pesky nightmares. The kind where we open our mouths to speak, but our voice has been stolen, the words too frightened to spill out of an empty throat. Your heavenly father tramples these nightmares. He never wants you to be silenced. Through your faith and his overflowing love for you, you can find your voice once again. We are women who have inspirational, innovative, and powerful gifts to share. We are women who are God’s beloved. You, sister, deserve to be heard.

            There are often moments when I fail to pray with a completely confident voice. Any ideas or seemingly impossible dreams I hold within I keep buried instead of speaking them into existence. If there is a dream you have been holding inside of you, a goal or aspiration that sits in your mind, but has never been spoken into life, Jesus has heard you all along. Maybe it’s your photography skills that you want to turn into a career. Maybe it’s your love for animals and the shelter you’ve been wanting to open for the last decade. Maybe you’re in the middle of a dream unfolding before you, that you never knew you had. He listens to our dreams with abundant wisdom. He faithfully grants the desires resting in our hearts according to His perfect will.  

            I invite you to speak to the Lord today with all of your courageous heart. Tell Him everything that has been troubling, exciting, and confusing you. He knows you through and through, but often telling Him aloud, on paper, or in our heads in front of the cross reminds us of His passionate attention. He rejoices at the sound of your voice.