How to Wear Spring 2017

By: Lisa Logan

After some internet browsing and magazine flipping, Spring Style 2017 (SS2017) is all about the stripes, sneakers, maxi dresses, denim and khaki pants. 

Stripes. Blue & white pinstripes, bold stripes, and nautical stripes are just about everywhere; you can find them on dresses, skirts, wide leg pants, you name it. Easiest way to do it for us ladies who live in the burbs' orfor those busy city gals is to pull out a striped skirt and add a plain tee, or grab a striped nautical tee and pair it with denim- done. It can be that easy!

Sneakers. Great news for those of us who want to be trendy, comfortable and cute all at the same time. Wear them to your classes or out shopping. Just make sure they are mostly white and resemble old school Adidas. This style of sneaker really plays well with maxi dresses.

Khaki pants. Yes I said it. This is the big comeback for SS2017. If you have khakis tucked away- now is the time to dig them out! This is a great trend as it can be used for a day out, night out or even for a work day. Wear a wide leg khaki and you will be penned the queen fashionista.

Denim is in. Like I mentioned in our last e-mag, frayed, ripped, wide leg or skinny. It's all in! 

Colours that are most popular for SS2017 are greensbluesand creams. I'm sure you can find some of these tucked away. 

It's not all that hard to be trendy. After a grey and cold winter, let's bring style back this season ladies!