Destined For Glory

The Holy Spirit has used the story of Lazarus in John 11 as a precious treasure for me. It has frustrated me at times, consoled me at others, and left me bewildered at the mystery of Jesus’ pursuit for the hearts of His loved ones.  

Lazarus’ two aching sisters are looking for Jesus to save their beloved brother, who is sick. Their story is paralleled with Jesus hearing of the news and responding by staying two more days where He was - away from them and His dying friend, Lazarus.

Lazarus death happens while Jesus is away, leaving his sisters and those around in incredible despair.
But Jesus has healed others in His ministry.

He has casted out the most powerful demons.

He has performed earth-shaking miracles.

Why did He wait? Lazarus was “the one Jesus loved” John 11:3, wasn’t he?

When Jesus returned to the village of the two mourning sisters, one of them, Martha ran out to meet Him.

 “Lord, if You had been here” she cries.

 Haven’t we all been there?

Lord, If You had only quieted those insecurities I felt as a young girl, if You had only stopped that tragedy, if You had only saved me from those wrong choices I made. If You had only healed my brother.

These past six months the Lord has called me out into the waves of trusting Him through helplessness, questions, doubt, discontent, and silence.

I now see that this foggy road He has been taking me through is where I have asked Him to lead me. I have asked Him to make me more like Himself, to transform my heart making me love others more than I ever have, to lead me to the edge of something greater than myself.

Like Martha and Mary, I have experienced a pain so intense at the suffering of my loved family member. In the midst of helplessness, Jesus lovingly whispers to me..

“The ache you feel in this moment, I feel it greater- when those I love suffer.”

When Jesus learns of Lazarus’ death he weeps.

Our Lord weeps at the suffering and pain we endure. He is right there with us. He understands it all – just look at the cross.

But, it’s not over. The story doesn’t end like this. Glory never ends like this.

Jesus was so concerned about the faith of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. He loved them dearly and wanted their reliance on Him to be unwavering in the midst of a dire situation.

“Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” the Lord says - John 11:40.

Jesus’s raising Lazarus from the dead was always going to happen. He knew He could and would heal His friend. The way Jesus heals him and the greatness of the miracle He performed was crucial. It created mountain-moving faith within Lazarus, his sisters, and those around who witnessed. God’s glory was at stake. Hearts needed to be won. Lives needed to be changed. The testimony of healing is mighty. “See how He loved him!” John 11:36.

I want you to consider something today. Consider that our Lord, Jesus loves you and those you love infinitely more than you could ever envision.

Your closest family member... dearest friend... husband…wife.

He is sovereign. He is so good. His timing is perfect.

Can you trust Him for that?