Called to Be a Bride

By: Angela Hill

Hi everyone! My name is Angela and I am new to Made4More.  Back in November of 2016, I attended a conference on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  I was thinking this week about how blessed we are to have the teachings of the Theology of the Body from St. John Paul II.  If you haven’t heard about it, you should check it out!  It is such a gift, especially to young people who are hungry for authentic love in a culture that presents the counterfeit everyday as an answer to that hunger.    

Speaking of young people, I am not that young, but I do still have young women in my house, Ally, age 17 and, Andri, age 20.  And, I can’t forget my son, Vincent, who is 14, who has to endure the female-ness of our household.  It seems like yesterday that I was the age of my girls, dreaming of my future spouse and what he would be like.  I hope you dream about your future spouse.  I hope you know what you want in a future spouse.  Not all of you will be called to marriage - God may call you to be his bride as a religious sister or even to remain single. No matter what he calls you to, trust in His plan. You will find joy and peace in His calling!  God wants us to be happy! I would have never guessed that God would call me to be a young widow at the age of 48.  I’ll share more in a later post. That was not part of MY plan on the day I got married.  But, nothing is wasted with God and He uses all things for good.

 I hope you will open your heart and allow God to daily remind you that you are His daughter and He is the lover of your soul.  You are so beautiful in His eyes that He never wants to take His glance off of you even when you drift away from Him at different times in your life.   He is always with you, especially in times of sadness, loneliness or disappointment.   When it feels like you have been praying forever for a companion or a future spouse, remember that He hears the desires or your heart.  He responds, but not always in the way we want or expect.  I never thought young widowhood would be in my plans.  You may think being single, or being a bride of Christ wasn’t in your plans, either.  But, if you surrender to God’s will, you will find the joy that awaits you no matter the state in life that Jesus calls you to.

 Do three things for me today:

1.      Get to know the God who is love so you know what it means to love and be loved.

2.      Write an introduction letter to your future spouse and tell him who you are in God’s eyes.

3.      Pray daily for your future spouse so that when you meet him, you will know how God has worked to bring the two of you together.

4.     Write a love letter to Jesus.  Really!  You can do it!  Tell him your hopes and fears.  Take off your mask and let him see the real you. He knows you already—he is just waiting for you to share yourself with him!

I am so honored to be a part of your community of daughters of the King and I hope I can share with you what I have learned about pure love, pure beauty and pure joy in my life!

In God’s Amazing Love,

Angela H.