An Open Letter to the Girl Struggling with Self-Love

You think about others before yourself. You call it being selfless but you started to think of your self as being less. You have forgotten what makes you happy. What burns your desires and passions in life. You forgot that you, too, are deserving of the selfless love you've been giving to others freely and at times, over excess, leaving you with nothing in return because you're tired. You're tired of feeling this way. I think it's time we help you put it to rest.

I started to say no without feeling guilty. For my own well-being. I removed myself from any situation that did not invite authenticity and positivity. I remained silent in my adversity and fought through the struggle by carrying myself. How you carry yourself has the power to inspire others. Never underestimate your power. You don't need to be the loudest person in the room to make a statement. Be yourself- that's the only statement that should matter.

Carry yourself with integrity and confidence. You keep thinking you're not enough because you compare yourself to other people instead of loving yourself. The secret is once you love yourself, it doesn't matter. What you look like, what you wear, or what car you drive. How other people perceive you no longer costs you how you see yourself because you know your worth. That's a beautiful thing.

Who you are with, the impact you have on people's lives and the peace within you will conquer those demons. Some of us have conquered our own insecurities and fears while others are still working on it but that's progress, though. That girl used to be me. I smile because I hope you can learn from her.