Finding Purpose #M4MVoices

1. If you knew you only had 1 year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?

Juliana: If I knew that I only had one year from today, I would certainly want to make the year the best one possible, ensuring that I’m living my life with the goal in mind: getting to Heaven and bringing as many people as I can with me. It would definitely be so amazing to visit many beautiful places around the world and to experience a variety of unique cultures however, in the end; those experiences only bring a joy that is fleeting.

During that year, I would strive desperately for holiness by living my life in a way that brings lasting joy. I think it would be so awesome to go on a mission trip and to help the poor, to be generous with them; sharing my money instead of spending it all on myself, for things that will only bring temporary happiness. Surrounding myself around people who have the same goals as I do would also be one of my priorities. Encountering Jesus in the Sacraments is something that I would take advantage of so often during that last year (although really, I should be living every year like that). Receiving Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and accepting His mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation would no doubt be a huge part of my life. In addition, I would try my best to live a life of love, respect, and kindness to my family, friends and everyone around me.

Living as an example, reaching out and spreading the love of Christ wherever I go, would be how I live my everyday life. And that’s exactly how I would want to be remembered, a daughter of the King who radiates His love around her. Now that I’m reflecting about it, I’m really inspired to live like this every day! After all, only God knows when he’ll call us home! 

Samantha: If I only had one year to live, I would strive to be the best me I could, I would visit all the places I would want to go, and I would go to all the churches I've always wanted to go. I would clean up every area of my life that needs work on no matter how hard and forgive all the grudges I hold onto so that maybe I could become a saint! 

Amelia: If I had but one short year, I’d work my way to sainthood. I’d try my hardest to become as perfect as I can for the only One that matters. Jesus. He’s given me so much, and I just want to give it all back to Him. Besides perfecting myself for Jesus, I’d also like to travel the world with my friends and family. I want to see all of God’s creation before my time is up, and give glory to His great masterpiece. As for being remembered, I’d write a long letter to each member of my family and each one of my friends, telling them how they have impacted me and how much I love them. I think it is much better to be remembered by the ones you love rather than by society.

2. Who inspires you most? (Anyone you know or do not know. Family, friends, authors, artists, leaders, etc.) Which qualities inspire you in each person?

Juliana: I believe that so many different people inspire me in my life however; one of my main inspirations would have to be my mom. My mom plays a very important part in my life and because I see her everyday, her inspiration is so real. As a mother of 5 children, her patience and her strength to take care of all of us, every day really inspires me. All the work that she does around the house like cooking, cleaning, and driving us to where we need to go are all things that are often taken for granted. In addition, her love for the Catholic faith is admirable and her courage to share it with others is something that I look up to. At the core of it all, her love for her family is very uplifting as it inspires me to share that same love with my own family one day.

Samantha: My best friends Serena, Amelia, Juliana and Chloe inspire me. They inspire me in many different ways but they all inspire me to be a better Catholic! Serena inspires me to embrace my femininity as a Catholic and to not be afraid to show other people that I love God! Amelia inspires me to be my crazy wild self and to not care what others think about me. Juliana Inspires me to always keep pushing for greatness and to share it with others. And Chloe inspires me to always be the most fashionable modest ME I can be! They are my girl friends and I love them to death!

Amelia: My biggest role model would be our Blessed Mother. There are so many ways to picture her, but all ideas have one thing in common: her sacrifice. Throughout the bible, Mary showed constant examples in the way she loved, in the way she cared, in the way she spoke. She sacrificed when she said yes to God to bear the Messiah. Mary knew that her name would be spoiled, being seen with a child in the womb before marriage. She selflessly loved and cared for Jesus throughout His youth and as He grew up. She watched Him die on the cross for all of mankind, not for her will, but for the Father’s. Mary shows me that a good woman sacrifices for those she loves. She put God’s will above her own, and ultimately won the title “Queen of Heaven”. 

3. What are you naturally good at? (Skills, abilities, gifts etc.) If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Juliana: I would say that some of my gifts from God would be my passion for drama and music. Alongside of my talents in the performing arts, I believe that I have a natural ability for public speaking. This is something that I really enjoy doing and I have actually competed in public speaking competitions in French. In school, I am pretty strong in the Sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. In the future, one of my ideas is to become a teacher. I would love to teach these subjects, as they are something I find really interesting and that I believe would be very enjoyable to teach. I thoroughly think that all these natural skills and abilities were given to me from God and that my goal is to use them and to give them back to God; using them to glorify Him.

Samantha: one of my natural talents is that I am a trained classical ballet dancer! I've been dancing since I was about 2 years old and I still dance today, If I ever had to stop dancing I don't know what I would do because its such a big part of me just like being Catholic is. If I could teach something academically it would be religion but recreationally I would teach therapeutic ballet.

Amelia: I really like making things. Art and crafts is something I enjoy very much, and I like how one simple home-made gift can go a lot farther than a rushed present from the store. My dream would be to have a huge craft room where I can make a variety of different things for each of the people I love. If I could teach something, I would teach about the Catholic religion as a university professor. I feel like so many university students misunderstand the concept of the Catholic Church, and reaching out with a helping hand and an educated mind would be the best way for me to bring home apostates or even those who are atheist or agnostic. Evangelization all the way.