Enjoy Me

Just these two words He spoke
changed my life,

“Enjoy Me.”

What a burden I thought I was to carry -
a crucifix, as did He.

Love once said to me, “I know a song,
would you like to hear it?”

And laughter came from every brick in the street
and from every pore
in the sky.

After a night of prayer, He
changed my life when
He sang,

“Enjoy Me.”

-          St. Teresa of Avila, “Laughter Came from Every Brick”

I love that poem. It’s been hanging on my wall for more than a year and it still gives me goosebumps when I read it. I think that’s because I need the message it communicates.

I’m constantly asking: What does God want from me? What does He want me to do? What is the purpose of my life? How am I to live, to love, to flourish?

And how does He respond?

Enjoy Me.

That’s it? That’s what Jesus wants me to do? Even when I give Him a blank cheque, “Lord, I will do anything for You.” All He wants is to be enjoyed. Isn’t there work to be done? Aren’t there more important things on His agenda?

But no, I’ve become increasingly convinced that this is it. To delight in Jesus is the purpose of life. I sometimes find myself far from God because I’m afraid that He wants me to carry a cross that’s too heavy. But what does He really want? He wants me to enjoy Him.


I can do that.

Sometimes we accept the distorted idea that love must be difficult in order to be authentic. Yes, love does require sacrifice. But it also requires delight. Allow yourself to be captivated by Jesus. Keep your eyes fixed on His beauty and the sacrifices will flow naturally from a grateful heart.

It’s exquisitely vulnerable of Jesus to ask to be enjoyed. He is, after all, the most beautiful one. But still, in all humility, He asks us to sit awhile and enjoy His company.

I think this is also the cry of every human heart. Right from the very beginning children are begging, “Enjoy me!”

I remember babysitting a group of children one time. We were at the playground. Every five seconds one of the children would shout, “Emma! Look at me!” They would be showing off a new move on the slide or a successful climb across the monkey bars. They wanted to be delighted in. I would “oooh” and “aaah” accordingly.

We may lose the courage to cry out “Look at me!” as we get older, but we still desire this. We still desire someone to affirm our goodness, to enjoy our presence.

I find it exceptionally consoling that God shares this desire. So let us step into the world with our hearts open to find delight in God and one another.