When God Uses Mountains

By: Lisa Logan

The mountains provided the perfect scenic backdrop during our car ride through British Columbia. It was early July and I had taken a trip out West to visit my brother and my Sister in Law. We packed up the PT Cruiser, grabbed a hot cup of coffee from Tim Hortons and started out to Invermere, BC from their small town in Alberta. The foggy air was settling over the peaks of Rockies that day as we made way along the Kootenay River. 

There is a majesty there in the mountains that can only be described as truly remarkable. The strength, complexity and wonder of God’s creation can be found almost anywhere, but those few days in July it was in those wild flowers high in the Rocky mountains. Their beauty can stir the soul of anyone who beholds them and so I stored away my cell phone for some time as I sang How Great is Our God. 

The heavens declare the glory of God,
    and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Ps 19:1

While up in the mountains, I thought, there is no question that God is in charge. Every day we found mountains more inspiring than the day before. To add to that, we saw buffalo, deer, elk, moose, and even a bald eagle!

The Bible is full of times in which people escaped to the mountains for a variety of reasons. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and gave him the 10 Commandments at the top of a mountain. Abraham worshiped in the mountains. God spoke with Elijah in the mountains. David speaks of the mountains time and time again in the Psalms. Even Jesus himself is noted for going to the mountains to pray. For the people in the Bible, the mountains were more than just an escape, they were a place to worship, pray and speak with God.

I started to think about how God has used the mountains in my life to draw me near to him. 

"Flat road" daily living has certainly not been my lot in life. Life has provided me with mountains to climb, problems to solve, and challenges to overcome. The mountains of British Columbia gave me a different perspective, a new backdrop for living.

I realized that the beauty of the mountains outweighed the pain and effort it took to climb those mountains. It was in those mountains of my life that I experienced God's presence the most. 

With each step we took during our hike in July, our focus became a little clearer. Distractions fell away and our hearts grew excited for what we were about to see. We wiped the sweat off our brow and realized there is no better place to be … with Jesus, on our face, in awe filled silence as his voiced echoed over the peaks, "Here I am! I love you!"

I conclude that it is doesn't take as much faith to walk the flat roads in life than to climb the mountains. I can't help but wonder... where would I be today if it were not for those mountains?

Food for Thought:

Think back to time when you faced a mountain in your life. How did God use that experience to grow your faith and draw you near to him? What was your motivation for getting to top and what did you experience when you got there?