Tips for Your Engagement

By: Lisa Logan

Congratulations, You're engaged! Now what? How do you spend this time in a way that will help you remain calm and ultimately prepare you for not only your wedding day, but marriage? Well, to start, my husband and I did not have a typical engagement, mostly because we were long distance. Your engagement may look much different than mine did, but I am sure I can provide you with some tips. Engagement can be beautiful and challenging at the same time. Knowing that you have committed to spend the rest of your life with your beloved and waiting anxiously to start your new life together is very exciting. 

Whether you are currently engaged, or wanting some advice for when that time comes for you to be engaged, I will share some tips with you for this soon to be marriage time in your life.

1. Trust that things will work out for the best

We didn't have a big savings account. We didn't buy a house. We planned out what the next few years would look like and where we were headed. We set goals and put a plan in motion to achieve them. Our plans for what our life would look like after we tied the knot have changed several times, but life is still wonderful nonetheless. We're excited for what is in store for us and we're thrilled for what is ahead. You don't have to have it all figured out. When the unknowns, trials and challenges come, you will face them when you get there. Relax, hope and don't worry!

2. Seek advice

There are so many people, especially many wives, that are willing to give you advice, but aren't sure you want it. I sat with a group of women at one of my bridal showers as they gave me advice. I am still using the insight I received on that day. When you’re looking to improve your knowledge of any field, you look to those with more experience. The same should be with marriage. Learn from other wives’ successes and failures and apply them to your own. 

3. Talk about your expectations

The best time to do this is now, when you are engaged. You probably have more of them than you realize. The day we talked about our expectations for marriage was the most valuable conversation we had. We realized that there was more we didn't know about each other's expectations than we realized. Talk about which expectations are important, and come to a compromise on the rest. 

4. Don't Stress

Don’t let the stress of your wedding cause tension in your relationship. Looking back, I can say I was more calm about the wedding than I anticipated I would be. Probably because many people told me the day would come and go and I took it to heart. I knew it really wasn’t going to be worth it to stress excessively. Your day will be amazing and beautiful no matter what because you are marrying your beloved! Nothing else will matter on that day. 

Whether your engagement is long or short, whether you are long distance or not, this is the time to really draw near to each other. It can be a stressful time, but you are so lucky to have found someone to share life with. I hope these tips are helpful for you! 

We would love to celebrate your engagement with you! Tell us when your big day is! If you are married, please leave more advice for the engaged couples in the comments below!

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