There's No Me Without You

By: Lisa Logan

As fall is slowly withering, I have found myself in a pensive and reflective mood these days. Maybe it’s the fact that I was married two months ago…maybe it’s that I have moved countries and the next year is looking like uncharted territory…maybe it's that I am moving into a different season of my life... or maybe it’s that I have developed a strange obsession with kosher pickles…maybe it’s all of these things that is causing this exceptionally reflective time.

In all this reflecting, I have one conclusion to share with you. Six words to sum it all up.

I can’t do anything without Christ.

I’ve spent many days and evenings in sheer joy these past few weeks, but also in tears of absolute loneliness. Some days are spent crying on and off. Some days are lonely and sad for me, especially when my husband is away for work. Some days I spend most of the day by myself in a house and place unfamiliar to me, reading, praying, crying, singing, making food for myself. Yet, I am so incredibly grateful for it. Though the circumstances surrounding me are lonely at times, these moments have been healing moments in my life— they have made me realize that without Christ I can't do anything. These moments force me to grieve the loss of sentiment and nostalgia and easy joy, to grieve the sudden loss of my long-established life back home, to surrender control and to actually rejoice in the simple things in life, for reasons that no longer feel trifling.

God has given me the opportunity yet again, to realize I can't do anything without Him. That even if I have everything I could ever dream for in the world, without him I am nothing. I rejoice today because God, my Father, is with me and He is enough. This simple yet overwhelming truth has really, truly comforted me for yet another time in my life.

I fell asleep last night thinking about how despite the separation of time and space, Jesus is so close to me. I put my arms out in front of me and imagined hugging him, touching his scarred hands, hearing Him laugh and cry with me. He is close my friend, closer than you could ever imagine. No matter what circumstances are surrounding you today, the truth is, we can't do anything without Christ.  

Pray with me:  Lord, I bring to you my burdens, my worries and my cares. You know that I can't make it without you. I want to see you walk into my everyday life. Help me to realize that there is no me without you. Be at the center of everything I do. Comfort my heart and help me to carry on, because with you, everything is possible. Amen.