New Year, New Fear - #MondayMotivation

By: Amelia Picardo

Finally, after all the Christmas parties and festivities are over, the world seems to slow down for you and resume its original pace. You can relax a little, and now it doesn’t really seem like you’re the one doing all the work, all the time. You remind yourself that there’s a fresh new year ahead of you. Things will run more smoothly. And so, you pull out a notebook, a cell phone, whatever you can get your hands on at the moment, and you write down the title: New Year’s Resolutions. As you look back on your previous year, you may see some areas where you could’ve turned to God instead of to sin. These are the things you write down. These are the areas you need to improve.

Whatever particular bad habit or sin you may have committed in the past year that you want to take out of your life, you set as a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you’ve been gossiping too much. Maybe your relationship with your family isn’t as strong as you would like it to be. Maybe that scrumptious looking cake you bought over and over again gave you one too many stomach aches. The point I’m getting to here isn’t about the sin or bad habit. It’s what you’re going to do, the steps you are going to take, to fix the problem. Provided here are a few steps to take and tips to remember when choosing and carrying out your New Year’s resolutions.
First, bad habits and frequent areas of sin must be acknowledged. Resolutions are about getting better, not showcasing your faults. An examination of conscience would be wise, and as you go through this step, write down the sins you feel you are most prone to commit. These would make good resolutions. Resolve to get better in these areas, and make you sure you mean it.

However, one continuous fear that seems to creep up on us is whether or not we will actually let go of that habit, or if we will just let it slide and forget about the resolution altogether. Do not let that fear creep up on you! If you do, you won’t be getting anywhere. You’ll be right back here you started; wanting to change, but not willing to change.

Another thing. Once you establish your resolutions, do not accept defeat. Don’t give up on your resolutions two or three months later (for me, it’s more like two or three days). Fear not failure, but fear the acceptance of defeat. There’s nothing worse than giving up on yourself.

As the previous year comes to a close, we are reminded that there were times in which we may have messed up, stumbled along our trip to heaven, or generally just fallen into sin. In our previous years, we may have forgotten or not carried out our resolutions, but don’t continue to do that this year. People say that New Year’s resolutions are silly and only prove us to be failures, but really it’s ourselves that let us down, not the resolutions. Don’t let yourself down this year. There’s always room for improvement. Previous years don’t determine this year, that’s why it’s called a “New Year”.

Another tip I would like to share is; don’t set unrealistic standards. Everyone seems to know this one, but they never put it into action. It’s like someone saying that they’re going to lose weight this year. If it didn’t work the other years, something’s wrong. Did you specify how many pounds? Did you keep track of your food intake? Did you take the effort to even workout? Resolutions should be clear, but they should also be attainable. Don’t set a resolution for yourself that you know you won’t achieve, but you wish you could.

The Challenge

This New Year, let’s defy the odds and carry out our New Year’s resolutions, whatever they are. Every Monday of this month, let’s check up on our resolutions to see how we’re doing. If we aren’t doing so well, bring it to God. Ask Him to help you through this year, and ask Him to help you improve your relationship with Him by resisting sin. If you’re doing well, that’s great! Congratulations! Keep it up for the whole year, and maybe even carry it on to the next one! But that’s a long way away. Let’s just focus on here and now, and remember the motto “I’m not perfect, I’m striving.” Happy New Year!