Is it really worth the sacrifices? What is it about love that sets itself apart from everything else? One only comes to this stage after this growing process called childhood and once he or she is “in love”, everything changes. Being in love changes priorities, mindsets, personalities, and habits; the entire self. It is not something that can be reversed. It is like an open book about something out of this world, such as space or nature or anything scientific. Once read, it cannot be unread and it changes ideas and understandings of certain things in life.
Perhaps being in love is a necessity, and a mystery which makes it terrifying yet incredible simultaneously. It takes two beings to form that invisible force that drives and fills the heart with self-sacrificing intent for other’s good, although sometimes it is not so. Sometimes there is only one who is in love, but not the other. This might seem unfortunate, but this is what makes love beautiful in its uniqueness. Aware of the mystery, the one who is truly in love will continue no matter what. It is a constant sacrifice, not an obsession. For the other’s greater good, for his/her happiness. This is what makes us different from any other being, as we are given this marvelous and powerful gift of God. To love at all is to be vulnerable. There is a weak spot in the heart once one has fallen in love; the weakness being the fear of rejection. This fear however cannot be allowed to remain in our hearts, because this fear consumes the heart eventually. All that is left is loneliness, anger and a whole lot of stress. Love does demand sacrifice. If it hurts to love, if the sacrifice is to not love – then what is that? Is that love? It sure is a paradox. Something still unsolved, and unknown.

What does one do, if he loves but cannot love for the sake of love? Such as if person A loves another, but person A is asked by person B to not love? What does person A do? Not love – as a sign of love? Strange it is. A dilemma.

Vulnerability always sits beside love, like a shadow. If you love, you are vulnerable. Your heart might break… you might be the one to cause it. To destroy a friendship you held and still hold so close. The opposite might happen, but it is never certain. Perhaps one may flip coin. It’s a gamble, and even though there are only two possibilities, the end result will always surprise you. That is the mystery of love – is it not?

Many thanks to our friend, Nikhil, for sharing his blog post with us!