Called to Sainthood!

I recall going to a children’s Bible camp when I was younger and I still remember many of the songs that we sung. One song in particular that I remember is called: “We Can Be Saints, Too!” As the title implies, the song encourages us to aim for sanctity by living just like the saints did! In fact, we are ALL called to sainthood and it’s never to early or too late to start striving to be a saint!  

God made each and everyone one of us with a purpose. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that: “We are here on earth in order to know and to love God, to do good according to his will, and to go someday to heaven” [1-3,358]. Wow! That’s doesn’t sound like an easy task but Jesus never said it going to be easy. However, it is definitely possible with His help! WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE SAINTS! We are all called to get to heaven and in fact, if you get to heaven, you are a saint! The thing is, it doesn’t just stop there, not only is our goal in life, to get to heaven but we also have to try and bring as many people as we can with us! We have to build up the Kingdom of God! But how are we going to do this? Firstly, the sacraments will help us get to heaven! We can be selfish with the sacraments(receive the Eucharist, go to confession as often as possible), we need them; they are steps towards heaven! Also, by imitating the lives of the saints, we are on our way to reaching sanctity. By being a loving and joyful witness of Christ to others we can help them get to heaven too! 

We are all called to be holy! Jason Evert says that: “Holiness is simply the full flowering of one’s personality.” The more ourselves and the more authentic we become, the more Christ-like we become. We have to try to be holy in everything we do because holiness will get us to heaven! 

This starts in our everyday lives, in the little things that we do. Blessed Mother Teresa once said that: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” This is a beautiful reminder that to be a saint we don’t have to do something extraordinary or be recognized by the whole world, but if with go about living a life pleasing to God and doing small things with lots of love, we can get to heaven!

We are made for so much! So much more than the world can ever give us! WE ARE MADE FOR MORE! We are made for heaven, for sanctity, for eternity where we can live with God, the saints and the angels forever and ever! And we have to want that! We have to want greatness! Pope Benedict XVI said that: “The world offers you comfort. BUT you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” 

I love this quote so much because it clearly states that the world can gives us what will make us comfortable but it can’t ever and won’t ever give us greatness. Only through Jesus can we achieve greatness. It’s a call to step out of our comfort zones and to strive for more. When we want to become the best versions of ourselves and live our lives for the service of others, we are on our way to greatness!

Saints are holy men and women of God who are:

  S: Soldiers of Our Lady

 A: Admirers of beauty and holiness to others

 I. Inspirations of goodness to others

N. Never give up

T. True Disciples of Christ

Not only should we want our souls to get to heaven but we have to pray so that others souls get to heaven too! For this reason, we should pray for the holy souls in purgatory. Sanctity is a journey, holiness is a lifestyle, and Sainthood is a reality that we are all called to. You can be a saint! Are you ready for an adventure that will be rewarder forever? Live your life with the end in mind and never give up! You can do this, call on the saints to help you! Jesus is waiting for you! Just imagine His face when He welcomes you into His Kingdom and the joy that you and Him will experience! You are made for GREATNESS!