The Impact of Abortion

Abortion. Just the very word stirs up emotions and opinions about the issue. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, we all, for the most part, have strong beliefs about the topic. Usually the debate focuses on the legality of abortion and if there needs to be more restrictions or whether it is morally right or wrong for a woman to get an abortion. There are so many different areas of debate that arises with this topic and the debate is far from over as each side fights for what they believe is the right decision concerning abortion rights.

A couple of years ago, I had no opinion about abortion. I never researched it or knew any facts about what happens during the procedure. I figured that abortion has never impacted me or any woman that I knew, so I didn’t concern myself with the facts. Despite being nonchalant about abortion, I did believe that it should always be allowed because it was a woman’s choice to decide what was best for her life. No one should interfere with her decision to terminate the pregnancy. Above all, I believed that abortion had no negative effects or any impact whatsoever. I suppose I believed it was a standard medical procedure that some women may need. That changed when I found out that two women in my family have gotten abortions.The first woman actually had several abortions throughout her life. There was nothing medically wrong with the fetus, it was just her choice that she did not want to have another child at the point of her life. Also, abortion was essentially used as birth control and was easily accessible and legal. I did not have a strong opinion about this when I first found out about it, I just thought it was a shame that she had to resort to abortion, but it did not bother me because I did not recognize the fetus as a developing human being. I truly believed in the narrative about the fetus being a “blob of flesh and tissue”.


Several years after finding out about abortion in my family and being exposed to more debates about abortion, I decided to do some research about what actually happens during the procedure. What I found out horrified me and left me in shambles. Simply reading the technical, medical procedure about how the fetus is aborted was not sufficient enough to fully understand the topic, so I looked up pictures and videos. I understand that graphic images are heavily contested by the pro-choice movement as being fake and unrealistic, but I accessed photographs and videos that were posted by medical professionals. They admitted to the reality of the procedure and confirmed that this was something they performed on a daily basis. I was in disbelief that I was not aware whatsoever of the reality of abortion and how invasive, violent, and brutal it is to both the woman and the baby inside of her. The worst part was the realization of how disposable the fetus is and how detached one has to be in order to examine the lifeless body of the “product of conception”. I wished for a long time that I could forget what I saw, but my opinion was forever changed by what I witnessed and I could no longer support abortion.

With this realization about the reality of abortion, I remembered the decision my family member made to abort. The best way to describe that moment is a slap in the face because I realized how many members of my family were suddenly missing because of her decision to abort them. I come from a very small family, and I cannot express how many times I wished there was more of us. I realized the harsh reality and the impact of abortion. I realized how the babies that were taken away by abortion could have played a very important part in my life had they gotten a chance to live. They are my family that I never got to meet. I feel their absence so deeply in my soul. It’s an indescribable pain that I have had to learn to cope with.

A couple of months ago, I found out that another member of my family also got an abortion. The main factor in her decision was again not health related, but because she was pressured to go through with it. She felt like she had no other choice. She feels deep regret and so does the person that pressured her. When she told me, we were in a public place and I had to hold back my tears. Once again, realizing that there was another member of my family missing because of abortion brought back the pain I learned to cope with throughout the years. Now a fresh wound has been opened and only God can heal the brokenness.

Although this is just my personal story, I hope that it helps whoever reads it, no matter what your stance, to fully realize the impact of abortion and its consequences. We can no longer comfortably say that abortion is only a woman’s choice when we step back and realize the bigger picture of how just one decision can impact several lives.

If you are pregnant and in need of assistance, please contact Vita Centre or the Sisters of Life. You are not alone in this. And please know that you are in our prayers.