The Beauty of Womanhood

The following reflection is inspired by the book, “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge, check it out, it is remarkable!

Girls who have been abandoned by their fathers have a heart breakingly deep wound. I see the tears and loss my girlfriends and I share with each other and notice a trend. We desire to be treasured.The intimate desire for a father comes from the need for male affirmation from our birth. There is a great innate need for male validation and for comfort. We desire so deeply to be welcomed and celebrated with love and care. Ideally we want parents who portray goodness, love and dedication, but that hasn’t been the case for many little girls. Parents have such great responsibility and are called to sacrifice and risk their lives for love of their children.We want to perceive ourselves as easy-going, kind-hearted, dedicated, and loyal women but some of us have never been affirmed. When we have not been exposed to men lifting us up, it is important to have a strong female life-giving friendships. Womanhood is beautiful and should be celebrated. The role of motherhood is engrained in femininity. We may not all be called to be biological mothers, but we are called to nurture, love and support our friends, siblings, and all that we meet. Mothers are known to sacrifice for their children and provide them with unconditional love and care. These characterizations are emulated through our femininity and our desire for meaningful relationship. Our hearts thrive on relationship just like God’s heart desires relationship with us! We emulate the Father when we invite others into our beauty and into our vulnerability!

We want to be worthy of love and as women we act in accordance with the requests, and wishes bestowed upon us and this isn’t a bad thing. Our call to serve others is a beautiful thing! As women, we invite others to know us, we give our trust and easily accept others’ trust in return. When we show passion and great sincerity about our dreams and what we are doing, we shine brightest. We desire to be part of a great adventure. When a woman is convicted to act upon her dreams, she never gives up. We desire to protect and nurture others. Being able to provide unconditional care and love for others moulds our unique femininity. Women long to constantly give without expecting anything back because a woman’s heart reflects God’s heart. When a woman puts all of her trust in God and is willing to let God decide her life, she displays great courage and strength by letting her heart rest in peace and not in anxiety. She walks towards danger with courage in hopes of protecting her loved ones and defending the weak. She believes that she must rescue others as she was rescued by God. A woman desperately seeks for sisterhood and community, because of how her heart is crafted. She needs to interact with other people to become spiritually alive, so she can become free to love others with her whole heart. We are able to know a woman in greater depths. When she finds the courage to accept love, a woman grows into her own. God calls women to lift up and support their communities. Women need to nurture and love the community because only then can we raise leaders and a hopeful future.

A woman is able to persevere with honour through the good times and the bad. She is also able to embrace life freely without any burden or guilt. Her ability to forgive herself for her mistakes enables her to accept herself for who she is, not who she ought to be. She deals with the anxiety and tension that life brings, and is able to surpass those troubles with bravery and resilience. A woman’s goodness is hard to fathom because she constantly gives her love and risks being vulnerable even if she may get hurt. She does not give up and continues to love and care for others without expectation. In our society we have been ingrained to value reciprocated love as the sole form of a successful relationship. However, love that is not received in return serves as a true test of character and love becomes an act of will, not a feeling. True love is willing to accept the impediments of others without any resistance. Loving someone the way they are but loving them too much to leave them that way is what a woman is called to.

We are called to inspire, and invite others to know God through our beauty and willingness to love. Authentic women are an expression of the unfiltered, unphotoshopped and beautiful truth. Women are able to authentically move on from feelings of guilt and remorse because they eagerly confront their own challenges in search of a resolution and forgiveness. This is also the case for the relationships they have with others, they desire to fix brokenness and heal wounds through communication and sharing. Women are able to invite others into their lives with the willingness to take risks and give love without expectation of reciprocation. Will you choose to invite others into your heart? Will you share your captivating beauty? The choice is up to you.