Princess of God

I was making my way through the frenzied mall as my eyes spotted a little princess. She spun in circles as her shiny-pink tutu twirled in the air. Her smile lit up the crowd and her laughter was carried through the big open space. “Daddy look at me!” She yelled “I’m a princess!” Words from Let It Go resounded as she caught the attention of many passerby’s. This little girl knew she was a princess; her desire for beauty was sealed in her heart when she was created. Jesus sealed the stamp of beauty in all women before we were brought into the world. This little girl pulled her daddy into the Disney Store as I heard her ask him if she could get another princess dress. No matter how many princess dresses or princess movies this little girl had, this desire for beauty would never leave her.

That is why all women ask themselves throughout their lives, “am I beautiful?” They ask themselves because royalty is stamped on their hearts. You can see this even as little girls grow into young women. When we gaze into clothing store windows as we walk by only to see our reflection looking back at us. We want to see our beauty reflected in the window. You can see this when we take selfies and share those pictures with others on social media. We want to share the gift of our beauty with others but we also want our beauty to be noticed.

Little girls know in the depth of their being that they are beautiful. This little girl I saw at the mall wanted to be delighted in but she didn’t have to do anything to captivate those around her. Her joy, innocence and beauty was captivating in itself. A princess isn’t royalty because of her achievements, outward beauty or talents, the actual title of princess is given to her for one of two reasons:

1. She is daughter of the King

2. She has married a prince

And guess what? You and I, we are daughters of a Most High King and Jesus has chosen us for his bride! And what is the job of a princess? A royal princess is to serve the King. She not inward-focused, her life is outward-focused, devoted to service. Take a look at Kate Midldleton. Much of her life is spent in service, in her royal community. A princess is royal because of her relationship to the throne that awards her that title. It’s her lineage that allows her to be a princess- not her fashion sense. God’s idea for his princesses is quite different from what society tells us. A daughter of the King finds her esteem in Him, not in herself. One who is fully immersed in serving him does “not exalt (herself) in the presence of the King” Proverbs 25:6.

So if we were stamped with royalty when we were created, how can it be that all those little girls who’s laughter filled the air and twirled with joy in their tutus now find themselves struggling with body image and depression?

Oftentimes, as most little girls get older and become young women, the lies from our culture suppress the beauty within them. They no longer believe that they are beautiful because they don’t feel they fit the mold of society’s definition of beauty. We begin to seek affirmation from the wrong places. Whether we seek it from men who don’t care for souls or hearts, or whether we become tied to unhealthy friendships, we begin to feel an emptiness and disappointment when that affirmation is not received. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s painful to not be recognized and it’s even more hurtful when our friends seem to be getting recognized as princesses while we feel as though we are left out as the ugly step sister.

But being a princess is not only about beauty. Being a princess involves being a warrior. As women, we are called to fight for truth and goodness and to stake our lives on it. We are called to reclaim authentic femininity by embracing our bodies and the feminine gifts within us.  Yes, being a warrior sounds liberating and empowering but how do we live this out?

If we want to believe in the depths of our being that we are beautiful again and to be warriors for Christ, we have to seek affirmation the right source. The source of all Love, God Himself.

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
and bring her into the wilderness,
and speak tenderly to her. Hosea 2:14

God, the maker of the universe, is captivated by you. He wants to romance your heart. But sometimes the only way we can begin to feel beautiful again is by facing personal deserts. We may have to face a heart ache, a death, a broken friendship or some sort of detachment to realize that we are nothing without God. When I struggle, I sometimes think of the refining fire that is spoken of in Isaiah: “See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.” Like in the difficult process of refining silver, God sometimes uses difficult or painful situations to purify our thoughts and minds and reveal to us the truth of who we are. I only began to believe I was beautiful when God purified me of the mentality of the world, and painful process it was. But when I let this mentality go, I was free to feel beautiful regardless of what I was surrounded by.

Only in the desert of our hearts can we finally listen and not be distracted by the fleeting glamour of the world. God loves you infinitely but He will not force himself on His princess. He is a gentleman and will wait until you are ready to open your heart. You must go willingly into the unknown. Even if your feet waver, all you need to say is Yes, I will trust in You.

I knew God could help me believe I was a princess if I let Him heal the rejection, despair and remorse in my heart. I had to let God restore the dusty crown that had been tucked away for safe keeping — I didn’t believe I was worthy of a crown. Now I do.

A crown isn’t just adornment. It signifies a resolve to stand up to injustice, to protect truth, beauty and goodness and to serve God with all our hearts.

Take a moment to read this letter from Jesus to you:

My Beloved Princess,

You have captured My heart, My princess, my Bride. I will love you always. From the moment I thought of you, I loved and adored you. This love I have for you never changes. It is always there and is never-ending. My deepest desire for you is to move and have your being knowing you are truly the love of My life.

I never want you to feel you have to earn My affection; nothing you have said or done can or will ever change the way I feel about you. You don’t have to prove yourself to me to attain my love. I love you just the way you are. I have chosen you to be My precious bride. If you tuck your heart into Mine and live in communion with me, you will never doubt that I am forever devoted to you. That I am forever Yours.


Your Prince Jesus who won’t stop loving you