Called to Surrender

I truly believe that one of our greatest fears in life is simply, “letting go.” As human beings we become attached to so many things, to the point where we almost start to believe that we can hardly live without them. In today’s society and culture, where materialism is a very big problem, we don’t want to just “let things go” or “pass by” but we often find ourselves wanting more. And it doesn’t just stop there; people may also find themselves attached to unhealthy lifestyles or even to friends with whom their relationships are having a negative impact on them. Many strive and obsess over money, success and fame and once they’ve reach one of these, even if it is just a little bit of success, they don’t want to lose it but instead they desire to maintain it and even expand it!

The point is that we become so dependent on what the world has to offer that we completely forget about the bigger picture. We often forget to just take a step back and recognize the One who created us – the One who knows our deepest longing. He knows this desire because He put it into our hearts and it is GOOD! It is a desire to love and to be loved, which we sadly,so often try to fill with temporary and worldly possessions, leaving us feeling empty and unsatisfied. Not only do we become so attached but also, we too often want to take matters into our own hands, as we like to believe that we can control and complete everything ourselves! The reality is that  we cannot accomplish anything alone. Again, we will try, but we will still be left with a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

However, there is a beautiful reality that God calls you to. This is a lifestyle that each and everyone of us is chosen for. It is a lifestyle of pure joy and surprises. A reality that brings meaning into our lives and awakens us to the recognition of our true identify, beloved children of God. This reality is called: TO SURRENDER! God does not want us to go through life alone. In fact, we must recognize that we can’t do everything alone, that we don’t have to do everything alone and even more amazingly, that we are not supposed to do it all alone! It’s truly beautiful to believe that our God is a God of mercy and of love. He desires the best for every one of His children and He calls each and every one one of them, by name, to turn to Him and to surrender their life to Him. He knows that when we decide to recognize Him as our Helper, our Healer, and our Lover, we will be able to experience and live a life that no other person or thing could ever give to us.

When we turn to Our Lord and give Him our “yes” we allow Him to initiate miracles in our lives. A life of surrender holds nothing back; it freely gives everything to Jesus! When we offer Him our joys, our sufferings, our fears and even our weaknesses, He gives us countless blessings and graces in return. Meanwhile He accepts our brokenness and transforms it into something beautiful.This lifestyle may not be easy but it is definitely one of true happiness. Doesn’t it sound inviting? I encourage you to surrender your life to the Lord. And it doesn’t have to be anything formal, you can maybe write a letter to Jesus or talk to Him about it in your prayers. Just let Him know that you want to give your heart and your “yes” to Him!! Consider maybe even starting your day with a little prayer to Jesus, thanking Him for waking you up and telling Him that you dedicate and surrender this day to His will.

It is only through Christ that our deepest longings are satisfied and  we will gain the courage to accomplish anything He asks of us. One of my favourite verses from the Bible is from the letter of St. Paul to the Philippians, which states, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). This is a beautiful reminder of the fullness that is attained when we give our lives to God. When we recognize that this new life with Jesus does not compare with what the world tells us, we will be totally fearless of “letting go” of our attachments. So what better way is there to experience the deep peace and abiding love that Christ promises to YOU, than to give YOUR heart and YOUR life totally to Him?