A God Who Never Changes


By Lisa Logan


It had been a busy past several months. I had been hustling and bustling about for days and weeks, maybe even months from one thing to the next.  It had been a hard but beautiful year. A year of pruning and purifying. Learning about what I needed to let go of and ways of life that I had been used to. It was a year of change. Change in every area of my life. I had been reflecting lately on how this year of change looked. Purification of my desires, bad habits, and areas of sin, sanctification of my relationships, learning about the meaning of true Love and authentic living, learning to trust the Lord with my financial needs, growth in my spiritual and prayer life and his desire to show me a new path in ministry.

But this day I found myself in the Adoration chapel. This day I was still. This day I stopped to reflect and something dawned on me. I found myself sitting in the exact same chair in the same chapel, in front of the same Jesus that I had sat in front exactly ten months ago. That day ten months ago where I had tears streaming down my face due to crumbling circumstances. This day I sat beaming with joy and light and all I could do was sing a song of praise. I sang an internal song of praise and gratefulness as I realized the eternal truth that God never changes. Even though I change, my emotions change, my circumstances change, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). I could come to the same place every day at any hour knowing that he is there. No matter what I am doing or not doing in my life. No matter how much change there is, Jesus is always the same.

While our lives go on, He waits for us in the Blessed Sacrament every day, every hour waiting to be visited. And so I asked him, Lord what is it that you want to speak to me today? He responded with, “I am here” no more no less. The resounding words that he repeated to me over again, “I am here my daughter, I am here.” In that moment I felt like Mary sitting at the feet of the Lord. For so long I had been like Martha running and rummaging about in my life. But only one thing was needed. To sit at the feet of Jesus as he told me where I could find him. “I am here.”

As you look back on your life, you may remember sadness and joy, failed expectations and astounding accomplishments, sickness and health, despair and victory. You can look back at how things have changed, how you have changed. Though we change, though are circumstances change and our emotions change, Jesus does not. He is always the same. He is always there.

Let’s pray:
Lord Jesus,
As I lean into Your great love today, I will find you faithful every step of the way. Please help me to realize happiness is not based on people, things or circumstances that all change. Joy is based on You, Jesus because You never change. In your name I pray, Amen.