For the Love of God, Do it!

So much has changed in my life in the past 3 months. I got married in October to one of my friends. I moved from Chicago to Canada, leaving behind all my family and friends and everything I am familiar with, to be with my Canadian husband. I resigned from my dream job as a Physician Assistant before I moved.

In the past 3 years, through my discernment about religious life, to later on realizing my call to marriage, to falling in love with a man who was already a friend, to saying yes to him and marrying him has been quite an adventurous period, to say the least. In all of this, I learned several very important things. My God is a faithful God. My God is a God I can trust. The Lord is well aware of what is happening in my life. He knows my deepest desires, my quiet intentions, my greatest fears and my hidden thoughts. He who knows my past and can foresee my future, knows what I need right now. So, all that He allows in my life (the events, the darkness, the hurts, the disappointments, the confusions, the misunderstandings) are all gifts in disguise. After all, He saw all of it, and He still allowed it in my life. He has the power to stop it if He wanted to, after all, He is the all-powerful God. Instead, He chose to turn even the bad and the evil for good, for His glory.

Over the years, I found myself prostrated in front of the Lord, in church, in my living room, in my bed holding a crucifix, or in front of the Blessed Sacrament, silently professing the following prayer. This prayer is a compilation of several prayers over the years, as written in my personal journal:

“My Lord, I trust you. You are a God I can trust. You are faithful to your word. You promised to be with us. You told us “Do not be afraid; for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10). You didn’t say you won’t allow sufferings but you said you are with me!

To show us your love and your faithfulness, you proclaimed it over and over to your people, Israel, through the many prophets. In the ways you carried Israel you proved your faithfulness to your promises. In the appointed time, you came in human flesh, and following the natural course of a human life, you who are not constrained by time chose to be constrained, you who are present from the beginning allowed yourself to be born out of a human, you who are God allowed yourself to be at the obedience of human parents, and later in obedience to your Father’s will, accepted torture, spitting, and death by the ungrateful beings you so carefully created. And all this, so that we may understand that you are a selfless and caring God who would even stoop to lower levels because of your love for us.”

In a world where it is difficult to trust the authenticity of a man’s love for me, I can trust Jesus. If there is any man in this world I can trust, it is this man, Jesus, who selflessly showed that He cares for me. My union with Him in heaven is more important than anything else to Him. That same God also knows my future. It is to this God that I entrust my present and future. So, whatever He allows in my life at this time is a gift, an opportunity to trust in his faithfulness and to proclaim my faithfulness to Him. All the pain and sufferings and sacrifices I encounter, I take it for my love of the Lord.

When He allows me to go through a period of patience, I trust in him and pray for joy and peace continuing in my regular prayer life as before. When He allows misunderstanding and insecurities, I strengthen my prayer, prostrating in front of my God, surrendering my struggles, trusting in His plan and joyfully accepting it, prudently working and joyfully waiting for the resurrection from that death to self.

Everything in my life is a gift from God.

* If He is asking me to be patient, then I say: For the love of you, my Lord, I do this.”

* If He is asking me to be a faithful student with my studies, then I say, “For the love of you, my Lord, I do this.”

* When I am misunderstood and rejected, I accept it and pray for joy and peace through this, as I say, “Lord, for the love of you, I accept it.

* When I am asked to serve and I’m not in the mood, I say “Lord, I do it for love of you.”

* When I am asked to leave my family, friends, profession, I say, “For the love of you, my Lord, I do this.”

Our Lord is a faithful God. Today is an opportunity to show our faithfulness to him. Wherever God has placed you and is calling you to be: For the love of God, do it!