Made for Eternal Love

 This quote has stayed with me for the last four years and I wanted to dissect it. It’s a mouthful so bear with me. “As Christ loves our poverty more than our beauty, our suffering more than our joy, our potentiality more than our actuality, our aspirations more than our ephemeral actions, so we must love others in this way in order to reflect real love” -Carlo Carretto (Summoned By Love).

I know, I know, heavy stuff.It got me thinking about Jesus’ heart. Jesus knows my beginning and my end, my fears and my triumphs. He seeks my heart and desires that it conforms to His. It is in our broken, impoverished, naked wretchedness that we are most authentic. When we mold ourselves to become one with the Cross, we must reject our own human desire. Jesus rejoices and anticipates who we can be. He is not dejected or repulsed by our present weakness and shallowness but, like a true big brother, He is cheering us on and cannot wait for us to finally understand our purpose. Too often we love and despise others based on their present actions, faults, and the pain they inflict upon us. This conditional love roots us in resentment and brings a cold heart steeped in bitterness. When we rejoice in the potential of a person and focus on the logs in our own eyes and dismiss the specks in theirs (Matt 7:3), then we allow our hearts to truly love to its full capacity! When we see others with this gentleness, we share in the Divine vision of God.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have divine vision. I have severe tunnel vision and frankly, it has not served me well. I fixate on faults and aim for constant perfection in my studies and my being. This deluded mentality tricked me into believing that I was never enough. I had to be skinnier. I had to look better. I had to be funnier. The lies kept infiltrating into my heart and it brought me into a very dark place. My successes did not bring me joy. They only brought me higher, more unbearable expectations that I must reach – so much expectation, so much anxiety, so much sorrow. It was at this dark moment that I realized something that would change my life forever.

The secret to an extraordinary life is not within doing grand acts of fortitude or having vast intellectual understanding- the key is to always seek Christ first in love, then with intellect. Don’t try to see God with intellect, you won’t see. Seeing Him with love is possible. Love makes all truth visible and all deception apparent. Carretto writes: “Man is a saint in a ‘body of death’: how could he not be in pain?” Our bodies limit us to this finite world but our souls are the channel that connects us to the intercessions of the saints and angels. We hold the beautiful combination of soul and body that the angels (without body) and beasts (without soul) can never acquire!  This union of body and soul has been desecrated all too often in today’s world and we are a hurting people because of this infiltration of lies, shame and regret. Jesus wants to pursue your heart. Like a gentleman, He will not barge in but will wait for an invitation. Internalize the following affirmations. Believe them for they are the key to your freedom. Get rid of the lies. You are valuable. You DO matter. You are worthy. You are loved by the Creator of Love. You are made for eternal love. You are a crown of creation!