"Frozen" Movie Review

I recently watched the Disney movie, “Frozen”, with my sister because my Facebook newsfeed kept gushing about it. I am infamously known for my crazily irritating movie commentaries about the deeper meaning and practicality behind movie plots. I didn’t want to disappoint and break my over-analyzing streak so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this movie and its relation to our deepest desire: authentic love.

Anna and Elsa share a bond that is based on true sisterhood and this is quite a milestone for Disney movies as most of the story lines are fixated on the boy meets girl narrative. This movie shows us that instantaneous romance and love at first sight are not most important or most relevant when it comes to understanding love. When Anna meets Hans for the first time, she swoons and is all googly-eyed but we later see that this was not true love because she was infatuated with the idea of true love, not true love itself. Falling for a man must never cause you to forget about your girlfriends.

All too often, women ditch their friends because they are so in love and are later left to pick up the pieces if things don’t work out. Anna still looked for Elsa and did her own thing while she was engaged to Hans – she did not let him impede all her judgment just because he was dreamy. He was not the right man for her because he did not really love her but she could not have known because she was swept away in his charm and he did not give her enough time to process her feelings.This is why true love and a relationship must first come from a well-established friendship. A friendship guides you and teaches you virtues and lessons that you will need in every relationship. True friendships need patience, honesty, humility, compromise, compassion, loyalty, and kindness just like a romantic relationship does and real friendships are the first step to any deeper relationship. However, past baggage and mistakes from old friendships and relationships sometimes frighten us and stop us from taking the time to get to know someone. We desire to just plunge into the relationship and immerse ourselves into the external, physical feelings we have for the other person and we forget about the internal, emotional feelings that come with any relationship.

After the glamorous “honeymoon stage” is over, then you are left face-to-face with a complete stranger because you did not take the time to get to know the person. This causes a deep void that increases the restlessness and anxiety that stirs in your heart. Past mistakes can haunt us and keep us stagnant in a state of loneliness because we are too afraid to open our heart. Elsa was petrified of intimacy after hurting her sister and did not want to feel that pain again so she shut herself off from everyone. Thankfully, Anna patiently waited for her sister and loved her gently and thus was able to slowly open her heart and help Elsa experience joy.I have learned that the worst prison is a closed heart.

A closed heart only knows sorrow, loss and regret and does not enjoy life. One act of love can thaw out a frozen heart (literally in Anna’s case). Do not let past friendships and mistakes close your heart. You were meant to grow and learn from all your experiences…so Let it go! (I had to). We must remember: people can greatly harm you but they also have a great capacity for love. The Greeks used three distinct words for love: agape, philia and eros. Anna loved Elsa with a sacrificial (agape) and sisterly love that resembles the Greek word, philia, that means friendship. Like Anna, we must be willing to receive love and meet others at where they are at because everyone’s broken in a different way. *Spoiler alert* Anna also was willing to lay down her life to save Elsa when Hans tried to hurt her and this desire to defend our loved ones is engrained in our being. We have an instinct to protect the ones we love most but we are called to protect all people, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We have always craved true intimacy and real love and we always will. Anna desires to be loved so badly and gives her heart to Hans but it is not properly taken care of because she gave her heart to a man who was not worthy of it. Let your relationships start with friendship. Anna was able to truly love Kristoff because she took the time to know his heart. In a friendship, you are still able to guard your heart and assess your feelings with a clear head and this is when eros (physical attraction) is a good love that paves the way for true love which is total, free, faithful and life-giving.Eros is destructive when it seeks to use, take and gratify just like how Hans used Anna’s affections to gain power and prestige.

True relationships need both emotional and physical attraction, an imbalance of either one is unhealthy and does not bring forth love and hope but lust and despair. Romance is typically idealized as a blissful, euphoric experience in the movies but “Frozen” shows us that although love is beautiful, love is all painful and love waits. Love is not like a fairy tale where the prince comes, looks at you, and dazzles you with a song and whisks you off into the sunset (I’m talking to you Snow White!). Love is a reflection of what is waiting for us in Heaven: perfect communion with the Beloved. You, my dear, are worth waiting for. Believe your purpose. Believe that you are worth the sacrifice because you TRULY are worth it. If any of you have not seen Frozen, this blog is a good excuse to see it We are praying for you!