Are you Faithful to Fashion?

By: Maria Espinoza

(originally published with Author’s permission in Blessings Magazine, Spring 2014 Issue)

The way in which we decide to dress powerfully communicates how we feel about ourselves and, in turn, how we want others to view and treat us. Our fashion choices are a true expression of ourselves. This is why dressing modestly is so important. By dressing appropriately we are allowing others to not be distracted by our bodies, but to be attracted to our personhood, our goodness, and our desire for holiness. It shows that we respect ourselves, that we recognize our dignity as a daughter of God, and that we love and respect the other person enough to preserve their chastity by not allowing them to have impure thoughts about us.

So can we still be fashion trendsetters and modest at the same time?

Of course! Since fashion is an expression of yourself, you can still have a great time putting outfits together that are fun, fabulous, and faithful!
Here are three practical fashion questions to ask yourself when you are putting together outfits or trying out a new trend:
1. Are you comfortable? New trends can be scary, like print-jamming and pattern mixing. The key is to be comfortable and confident in every outfit, so if you are not “feeling it,” it’s probably not for you.

Here’s a tip: Choose comfortable fabrics that you can wear day to night, like cotton or viscose jerseys, and denim with a spandex content.

2. Are you wearing the right size? Unfortunately, there is no universal standard in the fashion industry. You can be a size 2 in one store and a size 8 in another, so the key is to try it on.

Here’s a tip: Balance outfits to create easy looks. For example, if you are wearing a soft chiffon blouse, pair it with a structured pant and, vice versa, pair a structured top with a looser bottom.

3. Can you wear this outfit to Mass? If the answer is no, then change. If it’s not appropriate to wear in the house of God, it is not appropriate to wear out of your house.

Here’s a tip: Layer, layer, layer! Throw on a cardigan or blazer over that sleeveless top, wear opaque tights with that mini skirt, and wear a tank top under that see-through chiffon blouse

~Dress like the Crown of Creation you are! You are beautiful and made for greatness~

Author’s Biography

Maria Raissa Espinoza is a full-time Catholic youth minister at St. Patrick’s Parish in Mississauga. Before landing her dream job, Maria was a fashion industry professional working for a boutique design house, making clothes for Holt Renfrew, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Hudson’s Bay. Besides working with teens, she is a wedding planner and free-lance stylist. According to her Twitter account (@cordille), she loves God, family, damask, coffee, and anything pink.