A Future Father's Letter

“Life would be miserable without the love of devoted women around me! I shudder to reflect on my life with the absence of my deeply affectionate mother, the attentive ear and counsel of my lady friends, the support of my cool aunts or spiritual guidance of my grandmothers. But most importantly, I would be in a dark place without the tender care of the Blessed Mother. She provided utmost love, care and soothing to the child Jesus, right up to the Cross. God knew the importance of a mother, so much so that He made one especially for His Son. And to her, Jesus entrusted us, her spiritual children. Every mother was once a daughter and daughters are typically the pride and joy of their fathers.

It breaks my heart to hear about the gendercide cases; an attack aimed mostly at the abortion of females in the womb. Irregardless of societal, financial or other pressures, the women of the future deserve a life! A choice against life is a choice against Jesus, who claimed to be “The Way, The Truth and THE LIFE,” (John 14:6). I don’t know what it’s like to be a father to a daughter. But for now, I will suffice with imagining the words and sentiments that flow through me as if I held my new-born daughter in my arms:

Darling, you are mine. All of you. Your life brings unimaginable joy to my heart. I look forward to the many wonderful times we are going to have. You are daddy’s little girl. I love holding your little palms in mine and squeezing them in fatherly protection. Counting your tiny fingers and toes; each tally is a reason to be thankful for you. Every coo and caw that you make is precious to me. I cannot wait until your say your first words. I want to be there to witness your first steps and help you learn to ride a bike… In no time you will grow up. Like a butterfly, you will emerge, a mature woman, a leader in society. You will have your mother’s quirks, but my sense of humour. People will seek your prayers and advice. You will have responsibilities and your own decisions to make. But you will always be daddy’s precious little girl. I look forward to our ice cream dates as we share the trivial topics in our lives. Our nature walks, reserved only for the two of us, as we take in God’s breathtaking creations. I’ll feed you soup when you are sick, in the style of a train, airplane or whatever you prefer. And wait patiently until you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes. I’ll be your teacher and your driving instructor just to enjoy that father-daughter time with you. I desire to teach you how to pray and long for those moments when we pray together. I will relish the times when you rant about how stupid boys are, and secretly smile when you stop talking to a jerk. I aspire to be your protection against the media and social corruption. The discipline to your innocence. You may not appreciate it at that moment, but we will share a laugh over your childhood antics in time to come. I’ll be your guide for dressing. “You need to put more clothes on,” no matter how modestly you’ve dressed. I want you beside me for all the formal pictures: your first Holy Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, even your sweet sixteen. Your voice will be a delight to my heart as you belt out lyrics at home and your presence will sparkle as we dance in public. I want to take in your eye rolls, hand talking, head nods and other cute mannerisms. To kiss your pouty face and change shirts because your tears drenched the one I was wearing… There will be times when we disagree. Moments when we cannot understand or get a message through. Occasions where you’d rather talk to mom, grandma-and-pa, a best friend, or anybody but me. But I want to be there for you whenever you decide to come to me. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you in it: Seeing my point of view when mom gives me a hard time or trying to impress me as you develop your culinary skills… One day it will sadden me to give your hand away, or watch you leave home on mission work. One thing I know, and I’ll enjoy it as long as I can: My world is a better place because I have you in my arms.”

Ladies, it does not matter if you never knew a father’s love. God is waiting for you to let Him into your heart. We don’t need to do things or be prettier, smarter or funnier to be loved. We are loved just by who we are! Our circumstance does not define who we are- God’s love does.

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