4 Things Women Have Taught Me

(The Male POV)

Ever wonder if our actions affect the men in our lives? They do! This blog exemplifies exactly how our choices and virtue as women inspires men to continually seek honor and goodness. This will also show you some key virtues that you might need to work on so that you can be the best version of yourself as God intended!

The following post is shared with permission from Hammer & Nails blog.

“I’m blessed to be surrounded by many Catholic women who daily inspire me to become the best version of myself. Over the years they have nurtured me, taught me and guided me in my journey toward a meaningful life. The lessons they have taught me are too many to list, but I’ve tried my best to select 4 important things that I am very thankful for. Here’s some of what I’ve learned from the beautiful Christo-centric women in my life.

1) Seek the Lord first: I was a counselor at a Catholic Summer Camp when I first encountered a deep joy and peace of God outside my routine faith habits.My heart sought this joy, particularly the radiance reflected through a fellow counselor. I did not possess the spiritual maturity to seek the Creator ahead of the creature, but I’m thankful that she had a better understanding of spiritual growth and was able to encourage me toward Christ. And so it should be, brothers. A faithful Catholic woman should draw you closer to Christ and not to herself, for she knows that if you’re meant to be with her, it is God who will place you there and not her.

2) Be careful about what/ how much you say: A female friend once remarked, “It’s great to have male priests because men have shorter memory. If women could be become priests, they would remember your sins forever.” The female mind has expansive storage capacity. This could bring ups and downs. As men, we’re incredibly blessed to have companions who take in our mannerisms and use it to implement a harmonious relationship. We must be careful about what we say and how much we say, and for very good reasons. Firstly, there are certain things that the opposite gender need not know. This includes the nitty-gritty about your temptations with impurity, unguarded emotional spew, your history with insecurities and the likes. (Unless the woman is your wife, in which case, the two of you are one flesh).  Secondly, be careful what you say because it might be hurtful and cause long term pain. A woman’s amazing memory can be a burden if she’s holding on to the pain of someone’s words, particularly a man whom she is close to or looks up to. Always be prudent and charitable with your words. Finally, watch your words because they might offend God. Some men (like myself) have the tendency to retaliate when a brother or sister has done or said something that has rubbed us the wrong way. Retaliating with harsh words adds more destruction to the bridge of friendship. Instead, bear the pain and take it to Jesus who bore pain beyond belief for our sake.

3) Be Sensitive: This is perhaps the most counter-mainstream masculine lesson I have learned. Entertainment, society and sometimes those close to us hold a narrow view of masculinity. There exists a secular mold that we (sometimes unknowingly) use to craft world-approved men. I have experienced this pressure urging me to be violent, crude, emotionless and promiscuous to prove my masculinity, but it failed me. It has also failed every male who has resorted to it as a measuring stick for masculinity. Heed the instruction I received from the example of Catholic women in my life: be sensitive. Sensitivity does not forsake toughness. It is an increase of awareness and vulnerability that brings about growth. Are you sensitive with God? Do you allow His word to pierce the core of your being? Are you sensitive to the joy and peace that He gives you to direct you? Are you sensitive to Jesus’ passion and resurrection? Just as a couple does not experience growth unless they are sensitive with each other, such will be the case unless you are sensitive with God. Do not be afraid. St. Joseph and St. Anthony are two saints that had an immense interior sensitivity with God; despite being depicted with flowers, no one dares challenge their masculinity.

4) Fight for what you love: The Catholic women I hold dear have all by word or by example taught me to fight for what I love. If I’m not willing to go to battle for what I love, then I’m undeserving of it. Be careful, fighting for what you love does not mean rebelling against God for something or someone that He does not want for you. A foolish warrior pits himself against God. Instead, fight for what God stands for. God is love and His commands lead to love. Fight for an end to abuse, fight for life, for truth! When you don’t fight for the good, you become a slave to evil. Give your life to God and He will give you victory over every evil that separate you from Him.

Thus concludes my life of 4 things Catholic women have taught me. I am thankful for their nurture, guidance and witness. As men, we must continue to pray for our sisters in Christ and be sure that our words and actions are a channel for God’s love to take control.”

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